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  • Zucchini croquettes
    Zucchini croquettes from fresh marrows, spices, herbs and feta cheese.
  • Traditional cheese pie
    Cheese with various fine cheeses.
  • Spinach pie
    Handmade phyllo dough with a filling of spinach, fresh herbs and feta cheese.
  • Tomato croquettes
    Tomato croquettes made from fresh tomatoes, different spices and feta cheese.


  • Ambrosia salad
    The ambrosia salad consists of fine green vegetables, tuna fish, egg, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, our own olives, multicolored bell peppers, croutons and our home made sauce.
  • Peloponnese salad
    Salad with goat cheese, spinach, fresh ruccola, walnuts, sun dried tomatoes and a vinaigrette mustard sauce.


  • Lamb in a lemon – oregano sauce.
    Probably our most famous dish. Perfect for meat – lovers.
  • Veal with pasta in tomato sauce.
    Taste how in the western part of Peloponnese this traditional greek recipe is prepared. One of our specialties’.
  • Wine leaves filled with minced meat prepared in a egg/lemon sauce.
    The dish consists of the following fresh ingredients: rice, mint, spring onions,
    all finally chopped and folded into wine leaves, creating small tasty culinary tidbits.
  • Our traditional Moussaka.
    One of the basic items of our menu is a delicious dish of moussaka.


  • Baklavas
    An authentic sweet made with walnuts in a rich syrup enhanced with cinnamon.
  • Chocolate pie
    A delicious sweet with a great chocolaty taste, meant for chocolate addicts.

Starters – Salads

Main dishes


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